Self Built

From £5430.00

No welding or painting needed.

Taking the plunge…

You have decided to take the plunge and build yourself a Burton.
We are here to help with useful hints and tips to help you along the way. We also have a 288 page step-by-step build manual to make building your Burton even more enjoyable. (This will be available very shortly) 

First you need to decide if you are building your Burton using the parts of a donor vehicle or building it from new parts?

Option 1 - For those on a keen budget.

Donor vehicle…

For those on a keen budget you will need to find a donor 2cv. To keep costs to a minimum, a used 2CV can be utilised with the Burton body kit to create your Burton sports car. Choosing a donor car with the chassis, engine and gearbox in good condition further saves cash and time. We suggest it’s best to buy a 80s 2cv with disc brakes and a 602cc engine.

We do recommend, however, that time is spent ensuring that the donor parts are in fine fettle before progressing too far with your build and don’t forget, the cost of the build can also be off set by selling surplus body panels.
We can also sell you a donor vehicle if you don’t want the hassle of finding one yourself. Prices start from £950.00.

Option 2 - For those where only “box fresh” will do...

Only “box fresh” will do…

Did you know that almost every part used in the build of a Burton sports car is available new? So for those with a healthier budget, the option exists to build a Burton sports car from our extensive stock of new parts. You will however, still need a doner car as a starting point for your build. We can sell you a donor vehicle if you don’t want the aggro of finding one yourself. Prices start from £950.00.

You can also choose a rolling chassis kit. This is all the parts you need to build your own rolling chassis. Rolling chassis kit price starts from £6795*


Option 3 - Just roll with it!

You can opt to leave the technical stuff to us and order a brand new, ready built rolling chassis to complement your Burton sports car body kit. This way, the two major elements of your build are supplied brand new and ready to be united whilst you can get creative with the accessories.

We can deliver a brand new fully assembled rolling chassis from £7795.00*

We can also supply a brand new rolling chassis complete with a rebuilt engine and gearbox. Please contact us for a quote.

* price will vary depending on the options you choose (type, wheels and pattern or original Citroen chassis etc).  We use mostly new parts if we have them available at the time, we may use recondition used parts, at our discretion, as not all parts are available new.

Your Burton sports car, your choice:

The Burton sports car is an extension of your personality and style. Whether you start with a used 2CV, a van load of shiny new parts or a ready built rolling chassis, the possibilities are almost endless. To give you a nod in the right direction, we have included a few suggestions below.   

Any Colour You Want........ Even Black!
Right or left hand drive, no problem...

All of our body kits come in a colour gel coat.  The hardest part is choosing your favourite colour from hundreds of different RAL Colours available. If you wish, you can even have each panel in a different colour.

Wing Options


Give your Burton a classic look with these classic looking long fenders. The most popular option for a Burton.


Are you going for the ‘sport’ look? Then you have the choice to take the cycle wings. These can be used in the front but also as rear fenders. Ideal when you want to build a sporty version.


Are you going for the classic look? Then these rear fenders are the most logical choice in combination with the classic long front fenders. These rear fenders can also be combined with the sporty cycle wing front fenders, something for everyone!

Wheel Options


Our own design! Inspired by rims from the 30's, think of the rims of a Bugatti Type 35. The rims will fit a 2CV hub without adapters. The rims are slightly wider than a standard 2CV rim, resulting in a nice powerful rim for under your Burton. To order in all RAL colors or with a chrome finish!


This design is based on vintage racing wheels from the 50's and 60's. The rims are completely made of blank aluminium and consist of 2 parts. Because the rims are made of aluminium, they weigh a lot less than original wheels.


The standard simple rim. For if you like simplicity and a minimalist style. Possibly to be fitted with a small wheel cap. Very nice classic, especially in combination with whitewall tires.

Windscreen Type - 3 Options


Our most popular windscreen. You will need to fit wipers plus you can fit a hood to your Burton with this windscreen, just in case you get caught in a  shower.

For an extra cost we can powder coat the frame in almost any colour.

Half windscreen

Stylish looking windscreen that looks great and no need to fit wipers however one thing to bear in mind, you cannot fit a hood with this windscreen. 

For an extra cost we can powder coat the frame in almost any colour.

Brooklands Aeroscreen

A classic look for a open top sports car. Not the best for keeping flys out of your teeth. We would recommend wearing driving googles. .

To Top It Off... If You Must


Burton tonneau cover is a great and simple way to protect your interior. For indoor and outdoor use. It simply attaches with poppers. Can be stored in the boot or behind the seat. Plus good for safety to stop prying eyes when you park up.


Are you planning on driving your Burton all year round? Or planning a winter drive? Then consider our hardtop, equipped with gullwing doors! Ideal during the winter months. The hardtop is equipped with doors like the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing. These make entry easier when the hardtop is mounted. The hardtop is equipped with side windows from the 2CV which give enough overview all around. No more excuses about bad weather, with a hardtop you can brave weather with your Burton.


Prepared on the road? Then consider our soft top, which keeps you dry even during the most heavy showers. The soft top is easy to assemble and store in the boot. We prefer to drive with an open top, but a sofftop is a good option to have when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Available in a high and a low version (can only be used with a high windscreen).

Huge range of Parts and Accessories to choose from
Ask us for details